Book or Movie, that is the question. Popular novel series have been getting the blockbuster movie treatment for years, but which do you prefer?

Books offer you an opportunity to use your own imagination to illustrate the imagery provided by the author, but movies can often lend another's interpretation to a story you may already love.


The Harry Potter series of books is rich in detail, and number of pages. The films stick to the story-line, but leave out some pretty glaring secondary story lines. Whatever happened to S.P.E.W. in The Goblet of Fire?


The Twilight Series took some liberties with Eclipse, but offered a more traditional vampire fight scene and elements of horror mixed with romance.


Katniss's costumes within Catching Fire in my mind looked pretty similar to how Costume Designer, Trish Summerville, brought them to life on screen, but that was my biggest fear when I finished the series. Would Catching Fire capture the Capitol fashions?


With only one movie to compare, I just finished reading the Divergent series and I am intrigued to see what will happen with the next film. I enjoyed watching Tris evolve into a young woman who knows herself on the screen, but her inner dialogue added a lot to my experience of reading the book.

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