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Brad Pitt Wins Joint Custody in Court

A judge has ruled that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will share 50-50 custody of their five kids under the age of 18. This is a huge loss for Jolie, who requested sole custody and for Pitt to only have supervised visitation. According to TMZ, the judge felt that Jolie's argument lacked credibility.

One in Five People Find Cicada Screams Relaxing

After being underground for 17 years, cicadas have come up to terrorize us with their screams this summer. Strangely enough, a recent poll revealed that one in five Americans find the sound relaxing. (via You Gov)

You Can Now Hide Your Like Count on Instagram Posts

In a recent Instagram study, the social media platform concluded that some users don't like to see their like counts while other “people use like counts to get a sense for what’s trending or popular.” Instead of getting rid of like counts for everyone, the app is giving you the option to choose whether or not your like counts are visible. (via Just Jared)

Miguel Opens Up About Childhood Mental Health Struggle

In a recent sit-down interview, singer Miguel detailed the struggles he faced growing up while dealing with depression. In honor of mental health awareness month, he shared how he has been navigating fame and balancing his mental health. (via People)

A-Rod Launching His Own Makeup

A-Rod isn't letting heartbreak slow him down from getting the bag. He recently teamed up with a men’s wellness site called Hims to launch a "Blur Stick." The new product is specifically designed for men and is described as a sleek, effective concealer stick. (via Rolling Stone)

Here's Why TikTok Changed Their Text-to-Speech Voice

Over the past few days, users have noticed that the infamous text-to-speech voice on TikTok has changed. The old Siri-like voice was changed to a more upbeat one, and fans don't like it. However, the change apparently has to do with an ongoing lawsuit: A voice actress named Bev Standing claims TikTok used her voice in their text-to-speech function without her permission. (via New York Post)

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