Last week I met a group of friends after work to celebrate someone's birthday. Seeing how it was their special day, they picked the restaurant. The honored guest chose a local seafood restaurant and we all met up their for dinner. Everything was great except what I ordered.

The menu was full of seafood and cajun items, chicken fried steak, chicken fingers -- you know, restaurant staples along with a full breakfast menu that was served ALL DAY!

I didn't realize they served breakfast all day until I read it on the menu, in spite of the brightly lit neon sign above my head when I walked in the front door. So when the waiter came around to me I ordered breakfast -- pancakes, scrambled eggs, extra crispy bacon and water.

After ordering, I received some rather strange looks from others at the table because of my choice. It was jokingly said we're at a seafood restaurant, not Denny's or IHOP! I laughed it off along with everyone else and proceeded to have one of the best breakfasts for dinner in quite a while.

When a restaurant offers their full menu all day, I might be having breakfast for dinner more often!