Bruce Jenner's upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer is set to air on April 24, but in the meantime you can check out a brief snippet of what's to come

ABC posted another teaser trailer of the exclusive interview -- which you can check out above -- that shows Bruce walking down a snowy path with Diane. At one point he says, "My whole life has been getting me ready for this." There is not much else to the trailer, but it is the most viewers have received in terms of promo, ahead of the release of the interview.

While specific details have not been revealed as to the content of subject matter of the upcoming interview, it has been widely speculated that Bruce will be talking about his long-rumored transition to becoming a woman. The trailer also goes on to tease Bruce's "journey," his "decisions" and the "future." According to E! News, the interview will be "far-ranging." Like we said, there are few details so we'll just have to tune in on April 24 to check it out.

Bruce was reportedly working on filming a documentary series that was supposed to show his transition, but the work on that was halted earlier this year. The series was reportedly going to air this coming May, but Bruce allegedly had second thoughts about the way the show may portray his family so he decided to stop shooting. Kim Kardashian recently said that Bruce's story is entirely his to tell and that he would do so whenever he feels comfortable.

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