CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube
CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube

Soon, your visit to Buc-ee's in Temple, Texas will have a new look. The plan is to begin building a new car wash starting in May with the project to be completed by early fall.

According to this article in It's A Southern Living, the Katy Buc-ee's store holds the world record for longest car wash conveyor since they opened in 2017. No word on the official length for the upcoming Temple location, but at an estimated 5,647 square feet, it will rival the overall size of the Katy Buc-ee's.

<p>"It takes about 5 minutes for a car to run the gamut; about 16 cars can fit in the wash at any given time.</p><p>The record-breaking car wash cost more than $3 million to build, according to<a href="" target="_blank"> Atlas Obscura.</a> The Katy store also has 120 gas pumps (60 stations with one on each side)."</p>

Why is Buc-ee's in Temple adding a car wash?

There are probably several appropriate answers to this question, but can think of 3 that make the most sense.

  1. Make More Money - Generally, most retail stores are in the business of making money. Adding more revenue streams to the bottom line historically leads to greater profit and success.
  2. They have the space - The amount of land currently controlled by the store leaves plenty of space to build the carwash without cutting into the necessary parking spaces.
  3. Vehicles are people too - OK, so not exactly, but is it difficult to imagine that the number 1 travel destination for bathroom stops for passengers can now provide the nicest washroom facilities for vehicles too?


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