If you have ever been to Buc-ee's one of the things that might stand out to you is the great pay. They are very transparent about how much they pay and plaster signs around the massive convenience store to entice you to work for them.

Junaid usa vlogs/youtube
Junaid usa vlogs/youtube
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If you are thinking about one day becoming an employee, you might want to have a second glance at their employment requirements. If you have a lot of hard-to-hide body art it could be an issue when you try to get hired.

Many people on the Buceestx Redditt have recounted being turned down for a job due to tattoos. Employees are not allowed to have any visible tattoos, body piercings, tongue posts, unnatural colored hair, open-toe shoes, and the list goes on.

Don't Get a Visible Bucc-ee's Tattoo Or You Can't Work There

If you love all things Buc-ee's you might want to get a more permanent memento. I have seen all kinds of tattoos commemorating our favorite gas station and its iconic beaver logo.

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Wouldn't it be ironic that your love of Buc-ee's could keep you from becoming an employee there? Could you imagine being turned down for a job after getting this sweet Scorpio beaver-headed tattoo?

This amazing tattoo from an artist at Apothic Tattoo Studio in Florida might be the best Buc-ee's artwork I have ever seen. Luckily this artwork is on a leg, so that is pretty easy to hide.

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Buc-ee's Patriotic 4th Of July Merchandise

Buc-ee's knows how to celebrate the birth of a nation. This is how to market America to a Texan.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

The Healthiest Things You Can Eat At Buc-ee's

Being on the road isn't a great time to switch up your diet. If you are trying to eat clean, here are some choices at Texas' favorite rest stop.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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