We all have to stop at a gas station in Texas to fill up. Well, now that we have electric cars, not everyone, but you get my drift. We have a multitude of ways to pay for that fill up today, either pay at the pump with your card or go inside to prepay. If you go inside to prepay, you probably will take a few moments to maybe use the restroom, grab a drink or a snack then pay for everything at once before heading back out to your vehicle. If you do this at Buc-ee's, that shopping trip could last a while.

That's What a Buc-ee's Fan Complained About

Buc-ee's Fan Believes You're a jerk for Parking at the Gas Pump

It's a complaint that's seen quite a few times on Buc-ee's fan sites and city Facebook groups, people not liking other people that park at the gas pump.

Gallery Credit: Buc-ees Lovers Facebook Group

This fan of Buc-ee's was not happy that someone decided to park at the gas pump while they shopped inside (BUC-EES LOVERS on Facebook). I see both sides of the argument here. For one, if you're going to be wandering around inside for an hour, which is very easy to do at Buc-ee's, pump your gas first then pull up to a parking spot. It's not required, no, but it is the polite thing to do.

On the other hand, you don't know what that person is doing inside and for how long. They may want to grab a drink, use the restroom, pick out a favorite jerky, grab a t-shirt and a bag of Beaver Nuggets, pay for their gas at the register then head out to pump. That will take probably a grand total of 15 minutes which, for Buc-ee's, is a very short time to be parked at the pump.

The point of those two paragraphs is that you have no idea what the person at the pump is doing so assuming they are parked there just to be a jerk is unwarranted.

What You Should Really Be Mad About

I believe the bigger complaint should be those who pull through a gas pump to get to a parking spot. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled in the side entrance of a gas station to park and almost hit someone, or someone almost hit me, who was pulling through the gas pump area to get to those same parking spots. It doesn't take that much longer to go around the pump area to park.

Just like on the highway, in a parking lot, you're not the only there and need to look out, and be courteous, to everyone else.

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