I don't know about you, but mosquitoes love me. I can be outside for less than five minutes, and be covered in several bites. It's been a life long battle, and now I may have found a study that answers why.

I've always kept bug spray at the house, and tried utilizing fragrant plants around the patio area of my backyard to keep them at bay as well, but it never fails - I get eaten alive.

It turns out, I land in the 20% of our population that has a blood type that they find particularly tasty, Type O Blood.

A recent study conducted suggests that we are more appetizing to the blood suckers than the rest of the population. Oh, and if you're living an active lifestyle, you're even more juicy and tempting than if not. All this additional yoga I've been doing makes me even more tasty to mosquitoes, great!

I guess I'll have to continue hunting for the perfect repellant. Natural oils are my next test run. I have friends who swear by them. In the mean time, I'll try to stay indoors and avoid the menacing parasites and sweltering heat.

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