It's funny how a burger chain can raise awareness of how net neutrality could be affecting us in the future!

Personally I'm still confused about the whole net neutrality thing and what it actually means to me. In a split vote last month (3-2), the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. After reading about it and seeing it on the news I gather that my time on the internet is going to cost me more and if I want to view something specific or through a specific site, it could cost me more or I may have to wait longer to get it.

Understanding this net neutrality stuff just got a little simpler thanks to Burger King! Yeah, a fast food chain has to explain tech stuff to me through burgers! Filmed with real customers, in real restaurants, in real time Burger King breaks it down quite simply!

I guess this is how net neutrality works, according to Burger King!  I would expect a big tech giant like Google, NetFlix or a cable provider to come up with an easy way to explain it but Burger King beat them to it.  Hopefully they illustrated truth in the video.

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