Seniors at Caddo Mills High School are getting a lot of online attention for their art! It's a project where high school seniors get to claim and paint their reserved parking spot - adding a little of themselves into the creative art piece. As of August 4, about a week after the high school located between Dallas and Tyler posted on Facebook, there are over 54,000 shares.

That is insane and shows how this could catch on like an artistic wildfire.

I think it's pretty great. Belton High School in Central Texas has been doing it for two years and the money raised goes straight back into school programs, teacher appreciation and scholarships. Plus, it looks like fun. I would definitely paint my parking spot at work if I was allowed to. I hope they like stick figures...

Check out the very pretty aerial video of the senior parking lot filmed and posted by Greg Brown.

The school says there will be one more day for seniors to claim and paint their spot, but for now you can check out a few of parking spot masterpieces on their Facebook page. What I really enjoyed was the diversity - some were funny, some were inspirational, some were spiritual.

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