I focus on feeding my brain with good stories and happy thoughts, and this story that I ran across happens to be so inspiring that I had to share. It's the story of a nine year-old boy and his cardboard arcade.

Caine Monroy went to work with his dad in the Summer of 2011 at the family-owned auto parts store. To keep himself entertained he created his own arcade out of cardboard shipping boxes.

Complete with prizes, tickets, security and a heaping dose of creative imagination, Caine was ready for customers.... but there were none. His father's business shifted it's customer base to mostly online, so there was little foot traffic to find his little slice of fun.

One day, Nirvan Mullick needed a door handle for his car, when he stumbled onto Caine's business and became his first customer. The story above details their encounter, and how Nirvan surprised Caine with a special group of customers, but that's just the beginning.

As the story of Caine's Arcade began to spread far and wide, more and more people became inspired by his creativity, tenacity and fun spirit. Caine was later invited to speak at a TEDX talk for Teens. Below, he tells his own story!


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