Thanks to East Texans, the lion cubs that were born at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler in January now have names! The zoo solicited for zoo patrons and fans to pick from a list of names for these little cuties on their Facebook page. Out of the eleven names the zoo had picked out, the following three received the most votes and each of the cubs will receive one of the names:

  • Zuri - beautiful
  • Amira - princess
  • Mika - angel

A fourth cub from this litter received the name 'Doc', after a zoo veterinarian who recently passed away and a fifth cub from the litter did not survive.

Seeing how the weather is warming up since spring's arrival, they're getting out an about and playing in their habitat more! The zoo gives the little ones the option to play outside each day from 10a to 2p. Stop by the Caldwell Zoo and see them in action!