With the help of Justin Bieber, Carley Rae Jepsen has been launched from a virtual nobody to mega-stardom. But there could be small Ukrainian glitch that set Carly back a few million.As it always seem whenever a new artist breaks onto the scene there is another wanna be artist who says you stole my song and you owe gobs of money so pay up. This situation is really no different. A singer from Ukraine who calls herself Aza says not so fast! That song is mine and I am suing you Carly Rae! Now, to be fair I tried to listen, and try I did, to the Ukrainian singers little ditty and could only get through about 45 seconds before I thought my ears were going to bleed. Not too mention I couldn't tell if I was watching a strip tease or music video. The real shock comes when you realize this squealing banshee's video is a Christmas video!

Then you switch gears to a very innocent looking Carly Rae Jepsen enjoying life and talking about how she has never asked someone else for their number and everything is just hunky dory in her bubble gum world. Without getting into years of copyright precedent while I can slightly understand someones claim if they said you took the entire song but, I don't hear a single lick in the "original" version to Carly Rae's. I was quite distracted by the attire and the pitchey vocal styling of Ukrainian singer Aza.

What do you think are these songs similar?

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