Passengers on a six-hour flight from Dubai recently put the phrase "it takes a village" to the test when they came together to sing "Baby Shark" in an attempt to calm a young boy who was having a full-on meltdown.

To everyone's surprise, the inflight sing-along worked!

In a video clip shared to YouTube by The National News, viewers can see the flight's passengers join together in a harmonic rendition of the popular viral children's song about a family of friendly sharks, complete with clapping.

As the cabin fills with the happy singing of its passengers, the teary-eyed boy glances around in awe of his talented new pals, and within moments, the impromptu performance halts his tears as a sense of collective relief undoubtedly floods the plane.

This heartwarming show of solidarity is just the kind of inflight entertainment travel-weary passengers need sometimes.

Watch the moment below:

We at PopCrush know the golden rule of "no good deed goes unpunished." That said, we expect the passengers' efforts probably paid off in two ways.

One, the child was able to calm down, which offered a much more peaceful trip. (A good thing, considering there's really no escape once you're up in the air!) Two, the creative tactic most likely left a plane full of passengers with the relentlessly catchy tune stuck in their heads for the next 24 hours.

In 2022, "Baby Shark" became the first YouTube video to reach a whopping 10 billion views. Revisit the fave kids' song, below.

Watch the "Baby Shark" Music Video:

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