The recent revelation of tropical storms coming to Texas has many preparing.

The state has seen plenty of rain over the past few weeks. While some have welcomed it, there have been many issues caused by it. These issues stand to become worse with incoming storms.

For many Texans, steps are being taken to make sure items they own are protected. Some in the state have covered their windows up, and preparing a plan for escape if flooding is bad. But there's one other thing that some have been trying to set up: Flood Insurance.

However, before Alberto fully lands in Texas, can one get flood insurance set up and ready to go? The answer might probably be no.

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Can A Texas Resident Get Flood Insurance Before A Big Storm?

The 20 Most Vulnerable Cities to Flooding in the United States
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As reported by ValleyCentral, one factor could stop someone from getting it. Per the owner of TFWG Benavides Insurance, Derek Benavides, whom ValleyCentral spoke to:

“It is never too late to get flood insurance … but if there are people that are looking to get flood insurance for this impending storm, for that, it would be too late."

The reasoning is simple: Benavides revealed that companies have a wait period before the insurance is permitted. The period itself is 30 days.

While some may be disheartened by that news, Benavides states "But, as far as prepping for the next storm, now is a great time to be getting it.” So if you haven't gotten flood insurance yet, better late than never seems to be the best course of action!

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