El Paso has about 650 traffic signals and, every now and then, there are malfunctions. If your signal won't change, what do/can you do?

Sometimes a damaged signal will start to flash red or won't light at all. In those cases, the intersection is to be treated as a 4 way stop.

What if the traffic light is on and red but won't change to green? Are you stuck there forever? Will your lifeless body be found there days later? In Texas, maybe.

Ok, ok ... you're not going to die behind the wheel. You'll probably just run the light once you realize it's defective but is that legal??

I've been trapped at red lights before. Sometimes the sensor that tells it to change is defective or doesn't trip for some reason.

There's a light near the KLAQ studios that I get trapped at from time to time on my motorcycle. I guess my bike isn't heavy enough for the sensor to notice.

When that happens, I have a choice. I can make a legal right on red, then make a U-turn and get back to where I wanted to be, keep waiting or just run it. (Guess which option I go with ...)

When Can You Legally Run A Red Light In Texas?

Just so you know, Texas law never allows you to run a red light unless you are directed to do so by a cop.

You can read all the legal mumbo jumbo regarding red light violations here. The Star - Telegram says the penalties for doing so can include:

  • Class C misdemeanor conviction
  • Fines
  • License points
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Difficulty with employment, college applications, joining the military, volunteering or other opportunities
  • Immigration penalties

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