Tuesday, July 21st is the day to go all out and eat all the junk food you can because it's National Junk Food Day!

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Now this is my kind of day. Snack foods come in a ton of varieties - they can be cookies, cakes, candy bars, chips - basically anything in a vending machine. Speaking of vending machines, we used to have one here in the break room at the station and you could find me putting some quarters in it nearly every afternoon around 3 to get a Twix, Butterfinger or Kit Kat to snack on. Thankfully now it's gone and I'm usually snacking on cashews at 3 from my desk drawer. Now, if you were to put a bag of puffed Cheeto's in front of me, I could nearly devour the entire bag in one sitting, I can almost say the same for a bag of Funyon's too! Junk food, as the name suggests, is junk and it's bad for us but man it tastes so good.

The folks over at Zippia crunched some recent Google Trends and came up with each states' most favorite snack food. Basically they looked at the vending machine we used to have here at the station and compared it to what each state was looking for when it comes to snack food and created the list of the most popular snack food from each state.


Without a surprise sweet snacks beat out the savory snacks and apparently five states love Oreo cookies more than anything else. All the 'to's' from the chip aisle were covered as one state or the others' favorite, Frito's, Dorito's and Cheeto's.

So on this national day, go forth and snack on and have all the snacks you want today, the calories will return tomorrow!

Wyoming: John Mars
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