We’re all feeling the inflation lately, everything seems to be costing more lately. Recently I had a friend that was looking for a property to rent or buy here in East Texas, he wanted to stay in Tyler but was looking at all of his options. He was telling me about the market still being difficult to find something that was in good condition for a reasonable price, so I wanted to see what was on the market.  

After hearing about his struggles, I started looking at real estate listings in the area and quickly found the cheapest house currently on the market in Tyler for $73,000. But I could tell before even scrolling through the photos that this house was going to need lots of help. 

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Described as an Investors Dream 

Real estate agents can get so creative with words when they are describing a house they are attempting to sell. This house is located at 1720 S Houston Street in Tyler, TX 75702. It’s 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, the house is 1,080 square feet on 9,322 square feet of land. It was built in 1925 but the price has already dropped by $2,000 since first hitting the market. 

Lots of Fire Damage 

The reason this is the cheapest house on the market in Tyler is pretty easy to see, this house has lots of fire damage. If you have the skills to put a house back together this could be a potential money maker for you. But I wouldn’t even know where to start. If you’re still interested here is a look at the house currently for sale for $73k. 

Cheapest House For Sale in Tyler, Texas

Currently listed for $73,000 this house is the cheapest on the market in Tyler, Texas. But whoever buys it will have to repair some major fire damage.

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