There's no mistaking what this food truck serves... a Whataburger!

The Texas based burger giant is celebrating their 70th anniversary in a big way, with a brand new shiny food truck. The Whataburger food truck made its debut this morning at an educators event in San Antonio and served up some breakfast biscuits to educators while handing out some school supplies.

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This new Whataburger on wheels is equipped to do just about anything a traditional A-framed store can do, make a Whataburger one way: just like you like it! The rig was custom built by Cruising Kitchens in San Antonio and is fully loaded with cook top, fry stations, refrigerator and freezer, just as you'd expect the store to have.

Now, I just can't wait until this food truck shows up here in East Texas so I can walk up to that window and order a Whataburger with cheese mustard only - that's the only way I'll eat my Whataburger! Your way will be different because I'm a plain kind of guy. There are actually over 10 million different combinations for a Whataburger, just sit back and think about that stat for a bit!

Oh, don't forget that while Whataburger is celebrating their 70th anniversary (Saturday, August 8th) you can get a free Whataburger with the purchase of one through their app or online.

Now it's time to check out the all new Whataburger food truck!

The Whataburger Food Truck

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