A couple of years ago we were introduced to South Korean rapper Psy with his viral video "Gangnam Style". That video has been seen more than 2,136,255,526 (that's 2 billion times) since July of 2012 and now there's a new video on the scene that wants to dethrone Psy from that spot.

Her name is Wang Rong. Wang is a pop artist from China and has released a song called "Chick Chick" (after you translate it to English) and the video seems to match the song title appropriately. Although I do not understand Chinese, I get it that the song is about chicks and beyond that, well, the video itself is nearly indescribable! It's a must see for yourself to believe, but you've been warned, this song is much like "What Does The Fox Say" and it'll probably get stuck in your head! You've been warned!

And for the fun of going down memory lane, here are Psy and Ylvis with their viral videos!