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  • Far Out Farms on TikTok
  • Chick-fil-A Chicken Coop
  • North of Fort Worth, Texas

I came across this incredible monument to all things Chick-fil-A, while catching up on the chicken wars sweeping TikTok at the moment. Everyone is battling to see who has the most enormous flock.

Of course in Texas we have a ton of chicken houses, and we are flexing hard. Now the competition is more about style than quantity, since we already won it.

Who can compete with a full-scale chicken farm with multiple houses holding thousands of chickens and keep that title in Texas? That honor would go to Far Out Farm's Kristin Blackwood north of Fort Worth, and it will be her pleasure.

Far Out Farms Chick-fil-A Chicken Coop Coup

The scale of her operation might not be that massive, but someone must really know how how to work with their hands to make this coop a reality.

When she opens that door and the little chickens come rushing out it's a thing of beauty. The coop has nesting boxes on either side labeled drive-thru.

The paint colors and Chick-fil-A logo on the front are all spot on, and it looks like someone spent a lot of time on it. This homage to the greatest chicken restaurant ever is perfectly hilarious in every way.

Her entry has already garnered a ton of views on the social media platform. Pretty amazing for a teacher that raises chickens in her spare time.




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