While I haven’t ever been on a train myself it’s always seemed like a fun way to travel. Not having to sit in the driver's seat for multiple hours at a time, instead being about to enjoy the beauty around you. Taking a trip on a train normally take longer than a road trip or a flight on an airplane but it also sounds relaxing. If you love trains, you’re probably going to love this authentic rail car in Glen Rose, Texas that is currently available as an Airbnb rental. 

The rail car seems to be in great shape and would be a lot of fun, but after looking at the listing this might not be for the whole family. The reason I say that is because it only fits 4 guests and offers one bathroom. So, maybe this is the perfect relaxing getaway when you need some alone time. 

How Much Does the Authentic Rail Car Airbnb Cost? 

If you’re looking to rent this place it’s going to cost you $225 per night before taxes and fees. But according to the reviews for this rental everyone seems to love it as it has an average score of 4.91 out of a possible 5.  

This Airbnb is About Relaxation 

What sets this Airbnb apart is that it’s nestled in the woods, allowing you to put your cell phone and laptop away and just enjoy nature. In this fast-paced world this might be exactly what you’re looking for to unwind.  Check out the photos of this Airbnb.

Authentic Rail Car Airbnb in Glen Rose, Texas

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