Once the kids wake up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them and the newness has worn off, what do you do next?  Most major retailers and mom and pop stores are closed for the day, so what is there to do?  Catch a movie of course!  Christmas day is traditionally a big day for movie ticket sales and new releases and this year there is no shortage of new releases.

Of the three movie releases slated for Christmas Day, critics are saying two of the three are Oscar worthy and the other has one a previous Oscar host in it!

Django Unchained, Les Miserables, and Parental Guidance will be released Christmas Day.

Django Unchained stars Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Kerry Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson and is rated R.

Les Miserables stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Sacha Baron Cohen and is rated PG-13.

Parental Guidance stars Billy Crystal and Bette Midler and is rated PG.

Catch the previews of each below.

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