Last weekend we made our weekly trip to Walmart on S. Broadway in Tyler, and as I like to say, gave them my donation for the week, because we're ALWAYS in there!  Anyways, as I was walking toward the toy section to the left side of the building what did I see, about 20 inflatable Christmas yard decorations hanging out near the ceiling doing their attention grabbing thing.

Now, I didn't make it all the way to that section of the store, because I thought it was a little too early, it was September 29th when I looked at the calendar on my phone and not anywhere near Christmas.   To me it's a little too early, now if it were the beginning of November I'd understand!  I know the question comes up every year, but I'd like to know when do you get ready for Christmas?

I know Walmart isn't the only one with Christmas out, Hobby Lobby on the Loop in Tyler has had Christmas available since at least August, so they're not alone!

A co-worker of mine and I were in the break room yesterday afternoon eating and she said she would have her Christmas tree up by Halloween!  Then there's Gunny, a sales guy here at the station, and if it were up to him Christmas would be a year 'round event!

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