A lawsuit has been filed in Texas against Cinemark theaters for misleading customers about drink sizes. Bad move ... you don't short a Texans suds.

A Cinemark Theater in Grapevine, Texas is the focal point in a lawsuit against the theater chain giant and it all started over 4 ounces of beer.

I've heard of some crazy lawsuits in Texas, in fact, I just wrote about another one accusing Walmart of overpricing certain things. This is serious though, you may get me on some veggies but my beer is sacred.

Cinemark Theaters, in most locations, offer more than sodas and popcorn. You can enjoy beer, wine, cocktails or frozen drinks like Margarita's and Pina Colada's with your movie.

According to this lawsuit though, you may be getting stiffed on your brew at Cinemark. A guy who visited the Grapevine Cinemark ordered 2 beers, a 20oz and a 24oz. I'm not sure how big of a dent 4oz makes in the grand scheme of things but, ok ... whatever.

The problem here is a customer, suspicious about how much beer he really got, took the cup home and measured it. Sure enough, the cup only had room in it for 22oz. According to the lawsuit:

“Defendant markets and sells 24 oz drinks at a premium price, despite the containers being physically incapable of holding that amount of liquid,” the lawsuit alleges. “Defendant has reaped enormous profits from its false, misleading and deceptive packaging and sale of its 24 oz drinks.” - fox8.com

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Bad Cinemark, very bad. (Unless this guy measured the 20oz cup and got 22oz in it. If so, he should hush and stick to ordering those. I would.)

Just kidding ... I'm sure the 24oz cup is the one that came up short here and this guy did beer drinkers all over Texas a solid by calling BS. From now on, I'm taking a measuring cup with me everywhere.

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