This is proof of how an innocent prank can turn serious in an instant.

I'm down for a good laugh from an innocent prank, but this one went just a little bit too far. Two 17 year old friends were innocently walking down the road in a Polish neighborhood when one girl shoved the other into the road causing her to fall in the path of a city bus. Amazingly the back wheels of the bus narrowly missed the girls' head. Seemingly unharmed, the girl quickly gets up and was hugged by the friend that pushed her into the path of the bus.

Polish police released the video of the incident that dated back to April 12th, according to The Standard, and was issued a citation. Witnesses of the incident stopped as well as the bus to offer assistance to the victim, who only suffered minor injuries. Police are waiting to see if the victim will press charges on her friend who nearly costed her her life. According to The Kansas City Star, the city's police commander now is looking to seek a stronger punishment for this joke that went horribly wrong.

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