We don't need a reason to enjoy a piece of cake today, but I have a great reason to celebrate anyway. It was back in January when I first wrote about City Kitty in Hallsville, Texas. This adorable little kitty has made life better for everyone who stops into City Hall but recently the cute cat celebrated his 1st birthday just earlier this month on Thursday, March 17th.

I'm not sure if they have a recorded date of birth for City Kitty but it was amazing to see how he celebrated. The City of Hallsville released a video showing City Kitty opening his gift from his loving coworkers. There was also a photo posted of City Kitty wearing a bandana looking as handsome as ever. If you were like me and didn't realize City Kitty was celebrating a birthday, it's still appropriate to eat cake to celebrate how fantastic this kitty is.

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How Did Hallsville, TX End Up With City Kitty?

City Kitty was first discovered by a shift officer for the Hallsville Police Department and city employees approached City Administrator Marty Byres about keeping the cat instead of sending it to the shelter. Negotiations were made and a deal was accepted to let City Kitty have a new home at City Hall, unless someone with cat allergies comes to do business at City Hall.

City Kitty Brings Joy To Everyone in Hallsville, Texas

Everyone who sees City Kitty roaming around city hall is excited to see him. He is quickly becoming one of the most loved citizens in Hallsville. If you wish to bring City Kitty a toy to celebrate his birthday you know where to find him.

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