This scam has taken many forms, and now it's targeting Easter.

Why shouldn't scammers get into the spirit of the season? They probably figure you are distracted and may jump right in for a chance to pick up a couple of extra bucks to spend on jelly beans.  Trust me when I tell you that no reputable business is ever going to context you blindly via text to hire you to advertise for them. Here's the text I received:

ADVERTISE YOUR CAR WITH THE CADBURY CHOCOLATE CANDY BARS LOGO AND YOU WILL RECEIVE APPROPRIATE COMPENSATION. If you drive around with an CADBURY CHOCOLATE sign on your car, truck, van, or SUV, you'll get paid $400 per week. There are no mileage limitations, and removing the label without damaging the paint on your automobile is straightforward (400 weekly). To get started, please supply the following information. Full name,Address including street & apt #,city, state & zip codeCar/Truck/Van/Suv modelPhone number. Thanks

Some of you knew immediately when you saw a text like this that it was a scam, but people have fallen for these things time and time again. While trying to hunt this information down I found that Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, and Frito Lay brands have also been used to try to lure people in. There are also some semi-legit-looking posts out there from people who say "here is X amount of companies who will pay for you to advertise on your car". Sorry, those people may not be in cahoots with the scammers, but they haven't really dug way down in their research.

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