Oh TikTok, thank you for another moment of humor and clarity.

Creator, Not Travis brings us his 'official application to change the names of seasons in Texas,' and it's as awesome as you might imagine.

He starts with the month of February. If you recall February 2021, we had an unusual weather event many called 'Snowmaggedon.' It was truly devastating as the power grid in Texas failed and people were left with out electricity and many without water as well.

Not Travis says February is 'Actual Spring.' In most years, dead on accurate. I can recall playing golf wearing shorts on Valentine's Day several years ago.

He moves forward to alter state that March and April are 'Pre-Summer.' He says, 'it's starting to heat up.'

May and June? You guessed it, Summer. So what about July and August? He nails this one. He calls these two months, 'Melt.' You felt that didn't you? I know I did. He says, 'it's miserable. No one wants to be here.' Accurate!

We all wish September actually meant fall. That's when we starting buying everything Pumpkin Spice, right? Not Travis calls this month, 'Post Melt. Not as bad, but still not great.' Basically, your thighs are still getting burned on the metal bleachers at the high school football stadium.

We all love October, and this one is funny and likely my favorite new name. October is now 'Spooky Summer.'

He then begins breaking up the next few months calling November 1-20, 'Fake Fall.' Followed by the 21-30 of November as 'Actual Fall.' We all wish it lasted longer, right?

So what about December? He dubs it, 'T-Shirt Winter.' He claims we're not really wearing jackets, but this girl wears jackets. As the new year begins, he claims that January 1-10 is 'Actual Winter,' followed by another of my favorite new names.

Not Travis says the rest of January is, 'Shuffle. We don't know what's happening.'

Totally accurate and funny. Which new season name is your favorite?

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