Most couples turn to the radio or their iTunes library when it comes to choosing "their" song. Not Cody Simpson.

When the singer chatted with PopCrush this spring, he admitted that instead of associating other songs with a relationship, he writes his own! (Are you swooning yet, Simpsonizers? We are.)

"As far as music relating to crushes and girls, I never took other songs and related them to them," Cody explained. "I would write my own. That was my way of doing so."

Of course, we're not surprised to hear that Cody writes love songs for special ladies in his life. After all, earlier this year, the 'Surfboard' singer chatting with PopCrush about the art of writing a love song.

"To be honest, most of my most meaningful songs are written in my bedroom with my guitar," he said. "Some of them have never come out because they’re personal, and some of them are out there, but to be honest, the way I write is if someone really inspires me to write one ... It’s a simple, basically sitting in bed, just overwhelmed by the whole feeling, pouring it all out with the guitar. It’s a really cool feeling, you know?

See Cody talk about how women inspire his songwriting in the video above!

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