Tuesday night Colbie Caillat was performing in Pittsburgh, PA and while she was performing her final song of the show, she was attacked by a swarm of huge bugs!

When Colbie got to the part of her song "Bubbly" where she turns the lyrics over to the audience for them to sing, that's when the giant flying bugs began their attack on her.  That sent Colbie screaming and swatting her hands in the air to avoid them.  As she was getting away from them she asked the audience, "Can I go?"  She hung in there though and finished "Bubbly" out and then left the stage to escape the bugs.

Colbie apologized to her fans via her Twitter account later that evening,


Then she posted this tweet,


As you can guess, a fan granted her wish and you can see her running and screaming from the bugs in the video below.

The bug attack happens right around the 2:22 mark!

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