Chris Martin’s role as a magician's assistant in Coldplay’s newest music video is fitting, given the track’s title, ‘Magic.’

In the video Martin plays assistant to Cecile, a female magician dressed in ’20s flapper-style, beaded fringe dress and jeweled headpiece included. Martin -- or Christophe, as Martin’s character is named -- and Cecile perform magic tricks at a circus as the ‘Masters of Marvel.' In one scene Cecile throws knives at Christophe; in another, Christophe cuts Cecile in half.

There is a love story, of course, which develops between Cecile and Christophe among their on-stage tricks and illusions. The conflict evolves from Cecile’s predicament of being married to another magician at the circus, though the marriage is unhealthy and unhappy. Plot twist: Cecile’s husband is also played by Martin, though it’s hard to recognize him in his fake mustache and two-toned glasses.

The video dedicates itself to the 1920s from start to finish, taking on the style of a silent film. ‘Magic’ is entirely black and white and the story’s dialogue is conveyed through title cards. No detail went overlooked, from the characters’ fashion to their hairstyles to their classic cars. To add even more authenticity, the video is given an overall grainy, aged filter.

Coldplay displayed the depth of their creativity for ‘Magic,’ the first single off of their anticipated album ‘Ghost Stories.’ The British band picked the perfect setting for the sweet and (dare we say it) magical romance. We don’t want to give anything away, so take a look at the video to find out if Martin -- sorry, Christophe -- gets his girl.