Tyler's True Vine Brewing Company is hosting a Superb Owl Commercial Viewing Party.

Sunday, there's a big game that will air filled with commercials of cinematic quality. True Vine has decided to open up the brewery for the occasion. As stated in their Facebook event:

There will also be a football game of some sort airing between the commercials, but we aren't legally allowed to call it by name.

You could host a party at your house in celebration, or avoid the fuss, and gather your friends and head to the brewery. They plan to light up the Big Green Egg grills for you to use, courtesy of Don's TV & Appliance, and will provide free chips and dip.

Will there be beer? Yes, of course! They will offer $3 pints of specific beers all evening. In addition to the grills on site, other vendors will be there, too providing additional food options for viewers.

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