I've written many times about my hometown of Lindale. I've written about how Lindale isn't the small town it once was. That doesn't mean Lindale has lost that small town vibe. Just head downtown and you'll feel it. Just head to Eagle Stadium on a Friday night and you'll see it. Have a seat inside Dairy Queen or Whataburger and you'll hear it. This month in Texas Monthly, you'll get to read about my hometown small town of Lindale that has lot for both native East Texans and visitors to enjoy.

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Lindale When I Graduated High School

I graduated from Lindale High School in 1996. When I graduated, Lindale High School on Highway 16 was only a year and a half old. The population of Lindale when I graduated was just under 2,500 people. There was no Walmart. There was no Lowe's. Dairy Queen was still in their 50 some odd year old building. Lindale was a small town for sure.

How Lindale has Grown Since I Graduated

Since I graduated, Lindale has exploded. The population is just over 6,000. There is a Walmart. There is a Lowe's. Dairy Queen built a shiny new restaurant a few years ago. What once was open pasture across from my parent's house off of Jim Hogg Road now has homes on it. Other areas that were open field or pastures for cows to graze are now neighborhoods with $200,000 homes. The growth is exciting but at the same time, I miss those views of grass and trees driving down a blacktop road.

A Couple of Reasons for Lindale's Growth

I'm sure part of that growth is more people finding there way from outside of Texas or moving out of the big Texas metropolises. Another part of that growth is the rise to stardom in country music of Lindale native Miranda Lambert. I am about 9 years older than Miranda so I didn't grow up with her or knew her but her presence is felt all over town.

As pointed out in the Texas Monthly write up, there is a sign on Wood Springs Road that can easily be seen from Interstate 20 proclaiming Lindale as the hometown of Miranda. There is a second sign on Highway 69 kinda catty corner from Roses USA. Lindale is also home to the Pink Pistol, Miranda's boutique.

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Texas Monthly Highlights

Reading through the Texas Monthly write up, I was really impressed with everything they pointed out, including some of the origins of Lindale in the late 1800's with it's agricultural and canning industries. Their article points out Darden Harvest Park which is one of my favorite spots in town. There are a ton more shopping options in Lindale now compared to when I graduated, both big box and locally owned. There are plenty of great places to eat including the very underrated Brisket Love Barbecue and Icehouse. One constant of Lindale's downtown is Lindale Candy Company. I remember as a kid going there and getting a giant peppermint swirl on a stick. They still have great candy and you can watch them make candy every weekend.

Proud to be a Lindale Eagle

I'm always proud to say that I am from Lindale. My parents still live there in the same house me and my sister grew up in. The same blacktop road church I grew up in is still there, Damascus Baptist Church. While the growth of Lindale will bring a lot more changes, there is a lot that is still the same about my hometown.

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