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The first full week of summer 2023 has been a brutal one so far in Texas as we once again bake underneath the 'heat dome'. Many East Texans are on summer vacation and will be making a drive over to Arlington, Texas for some summer fun at Six Flags Over Texas to ride the roller coasters, catch a show and win a prize from one of the many games.

While it's been a hot summer so far to go to Six Flags because of the heat and humidity, there are those who will brave the heat and press on to fulfill that adrenaline rush from riding the Titan, The New Texas Giant, Shock Wave, Mr. Freeze: Reverse, Batman, and Judge Roy Scream. But at some point, they'll need a break and some relief from the heat.

With the Dallas/Ft. Worth area under an excessive heat warning like we are in Tyler, Longview and Jacksonville many park attendees will turn to a water ride for some relief.

Catch some heat relief by riding these water rides at Six Flags Over Texas this summer:

Try these indoor rides for some relief from the heat:

When you're at the park this summer - especially now since there are excessive heat warnings in effect for the region - remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water or a sports drink and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Here's what it's like to ride these awesome water rides and indoor rides at Six Flags Over Texas.

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Newest Coaster At Six Flags Over Texas, AQUAMAN: Power Wave

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