Just about every one of our favorite foods is getting a plant based alternative. Cauliflower pizza crusts? I haven't tried it but it's said to be good. Cauliflower mashed potatoes? I have tried it and it's not too bad. Veggie burgers? They're ok but I'll stick with real beef.

If that's your lifestyle, cool. You do you. I've run into a couple of vegetarians, though, that really need to take things down a notch or ten. Most have been cool, though.

Fast food giant, Arby's, is looking to turn the tables on the whole "meats made from plants" thing. They have introduced us to Megetables. They are vegetables made from meat, turkey to be exact according to insider.com.

A turkey breast is cut, wrapped, boiled, rolled in a carrot powder and baked. This gives us the first of the Megetables, the Marrot.

Meredith Cash via Youtube
Meredith Cash via Youtube

It looks like a carrot and it even has a slight carrot taste. The parsley at the top really adds a nice touch.

The marrot was created by Arby's brand executive chef, Neville Craw, and sous chef Thomas Kippelen. The megetable contains 30 grams of protein and 70% of our recommended daily vitamin A allowance.

No word on a release date of the marrot or any other vegetables made from meat.

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