Pokemon Go was a movement. Everyone... except me... was playing, but the new Harry Potter Augmented Reality game will be another story. Yes, I'll have to try this.

The San Francisco-based company Niantic Lab, that created Pokemon Go, is working on the Potter game, entitled Wizards Unite.

The game has been co-developed with a Warner Bros. Interactive and its new sub-company, Portkey Games and Niantic. Techcrunch is reporting that they Potter game will be similar to Ingress also developed by Niantic.

I've never played Pokemon Go,but I've seen how it works, and I'm super excited to cast spells, and unite with other wizards in this new game expected to debut in 2018!

The video below is what some people think the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game might look like, but so far, it's been kept a secret.

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