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  • This is an actual haunted house for sale
  • You could get the entire estate with everything inside
  • Almost 2 acres of haunted fun

When you own something, you can technically do anything you want with it. I just think it would be a shame for anyone to buy this place and not continue to use it for its current purpose.

Mostly it would be a shame because this house is home to so many ghosts and ghouls, there might not be room for you. I saw this home on Zillow Gone Wild and I just can't get over the horror.

This is a running and functioning haunted house in every way imaginable. There is even a coffin that opens up into a storage room where you can hide.

Scare Your Guests 24/7 In This Baird, Texas Haunted House

When a place looks haunted even with the lights on, you know you have a gem. There are coffins new and old, and even a makeshift family graveyard on the property.

It also has a very rare feature for Texas; there is actually a 10 X 12 basement. I don't think I would ever go down it.

This property is being sold as is, and all of the props are available for purchase as well. If I had to keep one thing, it would be the funeral viewing room. It doubles as extra living space and features a very nice coffin.

This almost 2 acre property, including a 2000 square foot home is being sold for just $125,000. Be prepared to get scared, and take a look around.

This Actual Haunted House Is For Sale In Baird, Texas

Ever wonder what it is like to have your very own haunted house? For just $125,000 you can find out.

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