Criminals are funny sometimes, because in the heat of the moment they can become disoriented when fleeing the scene don't really realize where an exit is! In this case, a CCTV camera in Perth, Australia caught a robber trying to escape after he steals a handbag from a lady, but the robber didn't realize where the door was and crashed through a plate glass window!

One of the funniest things about the video though is the window guy plows through has a plant in front of it, but charges on anyways and when he goes down the automatic sliding door does its job and opens, but by this time its a little too late for the guy, because he's laying on the ground dazed and confused!

An accomplice comes to his aid, but is unsuccessful at retrieving his friend who becomes restrained by a bystander for a while before breaking loose and running into the parking lot and running into a car to find the getaway vehicle.

Just another case from the Stupid Criminal files!

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