Look like our Dallas Cowboys have got their quarterback. It was announced this afternoon (March 18) that Dak Prescott has agreed to terms on a new contract with the Cowboys, thus avoiding a second year of playing under a franchise tag - a move that likely would've meant the end of Dak in Dallas after this year. Hard to come back from that again, right?

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ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that the contract is for four-years and worth $160 million, including $126 million guaranteed. The average annual value of the contract over the first three years of the deal is $42 million per year, Schefter reported. This is a big bump in pay for Prescott who made $31.4 million under the tag last season.

Prescott's 2020-21 season was cut short after a graphic injury in week five against the New York Giants. But it should be noted that prior to that he had played in and started all 64 of the team's regular season games since taking over for Tony Romo.

According to Sportingnews, in terms of salary, guaranteed money and total contract value; Dak will become the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL annually behind Patrick Mahomes who earns $45 million. Next on the list is Deshaun Watson ($39 million), Russel Wilson ($35 million), Ben Roethlisberger ($34 million), then Jared Goff and Aaron Rodgers are tied at $33.5 million a piece.

While a lot of fans were still out on Dak going into 2020, it seems that many, including the Cowboys, have come around on the Mississippi product after Dallas's offense fell directly off a cliff as soon as he went down last season.

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