A Dallas hotel shows us how we're all feeling when it comes to this cold weather!

Temperatures in East Texas are not expected to get above freezing today (Tuesday) and may finally creep above freezing sometime Wednesday and that has a bunch of us who aren't used to this type of cold weather shivering! The Omni Hotel in Dallas is also shivering in the cold too! They let all of Dallas know it by displaying it across the side of the hotel with their LED lights! Caught on camera by neighboring WFAA television, they captured the message on video on their Facebook page!

I've driven in Dallas on the eastern side where the hotel is and it's a pretty cool to watch the light show. However, it can be pretty distracting though to traffic coming in to Dallas from Ft. Worth or the Mid-Cities along I-30 because you can easily focus on the display the hotel is projecting instead of driving!

So as we're all shivering and saying 'BRRRR', try your best staying warm! Here are a couple of more cool videos of the hotel with some awesome displays.


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