Jake Gaba, a sophomore at Dartmouth College, had one of the coolest ideas to document his study abroad trip ever. A dance video. And it's awesome.

When Gaba studied abroad for a semester in China, he took videos of himself dancing almost everywhere they went (90 locations to be exact) and compiled them together to create an awesome recap video of his trip.

According to an interview he did with Dartmouth's newspaper, Gaba filmed most of the video on the weekends when the group traveled to various locations. Most of the week was consumed by school work and studying Mandarin. But once Gaba started the video, he was determined to finish it.

And crazy enough, the success of the video has been worldwide. Not only has Gaba's video been shown on talk shows here in the United States, but also in China and has an accumulated number of views over 600,000 on YouTube alone.

Check out his incredible video here:

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