Dancing With The Stars last night -- offered a night of laughs and entertainment and an unexpected eye-full of Nancy!  We are really lucky to have an avid fan of this show who eagerly sends us her take on the show.  This morning's news is not only reflecting the scores of the dance teams but the fact that Nancy had one of her girls "pop out." -- Thank goodness the show is on time delay so only the audience was privy to this "OH NO" moment.  Video after the jump.

1. Hope and Max- Danced the jive. They lost their timing. They were cute but not great.

2. Kristin & Mark- Danced the Quick Step to Diamonds are a girls best friend. They did great and she looked beautiful.

3. David & Kim danced the Jive. They did good.

4. Elisabetta & Val did the Quick Step. The first half was shaky but the second half was much better. Plus she did better than last week.

5. Rob & Cheryl did the Jive. He did real good. It was fun and he did so much better than last week.

6. Carson & Anna did the quick step. It was cute but not as entertaining as last week, but great costumes. He makes me smile.

7. Ricki & Derek did the Jive. She danced great, but she makes this funny fish face with her lips out and puckered.

8. Chaz & Lacy did the Quick Step. They did OK. He has a nice smile. Question: Why do people go on the show if they have bad knees or shoulders, etc? They know dancing is going to make it worse. Chaz complained about his bad knees. Hello -- don't come on the show!

9.Chynna & Tony did the Jive. They did really good. It was very entertaining.

10. Nancy & Triston did the Quick Step. They scored them kinda high. I thought it looked like Triston was dragging her around -- you could see her counting -- she was too stiff and lost her footwork. The showed the audience after they danced and no one in that shot was clapping. They had to show another group clapping. They showed the audience twice not clapping -- very odd. This morning we find out the audience's non-response was due to the fact that Nancy had a major wardrobe malfunction -- oops!

11. Jr & Karina did the Jive. Jr is so funny and has such a great outlook on life. They were awesome! It was fun, entertaining, and I smile the whole dance. They were my favorite tonight!