Sweet -- Derek is back in the top three on Season 13 - Dancing With The Stars.

Mix 93-1's listener Amanda Taylor gave us this quick rundown of tonight's show. Ricki Lake is killing it this season isn't she -- looks like she is loosing a little weight also. Rob sister came to support him tonight and JR's performance was outstanding. We have a poll for you to tell us who you think should take home the Disco Ball trophy after the jump.

1. Ricki & Derek

Score 27- This dance was fun with great moves and lifts. Great job!

2. Rob & Cheryl- Score 30

Lots of moves, great lifts but I thought the transition into most of the lifts were not smooth a little awkward looking at times. The judges loved it but I didn't think it deserved 30 points. They did do a great job though.

3. JR & Karina- Score 30

Favorite dance tonight!! It was high energy, great moves, great lifts that they had struggled with during rehearsal. They did a great performance!

I am hoping that JR will come in 1st, Ricki in 2nd, and Rob in 3rd, but that's my opinion -- but let us know what you think and vote in our poll.

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