Last night's theme on Dancing With The Stars was 80's. They showed pictures of what the stars looked like in the 80s. It was a really cute night filled with big hair, neon colors and leg warmers. It's always nice to take a walk down memory lane -- these last eight contestant did a great job.

Again, one of our most avid fans sent us a report on Dancing With The Stars -- thank you Amanda for your help again.

Check out the videos after the jump.

1. Hope & Maks - Tango
Score 24

She had lots of attitude with this dance. She did a good job.

2. Carson & Anna- Jive
Score 19

Poor Carson -- he messed up his footwork most of the dance. Ironically he is so fun to watch. He has a great time out there and look like he enjoyed shaking his pompoms.

3. Nancy & Triston- Rumba
Score 22

Nancy seemed to have a better connection with Triston this dance. Her moves looked more natural and flowed better than her previous dances. She did a great job.

4. J.R. & Karina- Somba
Score 28

Awesome! Best dance tonight. He shook what his momma gave him! Fantastic job.

5. Rob & Cheryl- Rumba
score 25

Excellent job. I think this was best dance so far. He really took charge and was in control the whole dance. He looked pretty sexy and had good chemistry with Cheryl.

6. Chaz & Lacy- Samba
Score 21

I feel this was also his best dance. He was loose and not so hard on his feet. Plus, he was shakin' it.

7. David & Kim- Tango
Score 25

He did a great job. He was in control the whole time and seemed to be a lot more confident.

8. Ricky & Derek- Fox Trot
Score 24

It was fun and I thought she did a great job as usual. She did try to put the running man move in there, but her timing was off.

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