Oddly enough, Daniel Radcliffe has proven to be an indie film powerhouse since the Harry Potter franchise ended. And what a year he’s had: Along with his role as a tech genius in Now You See Me 2, he’s played a farting corpsethat taught us the nature of being human in Swiss Army Man, and an FBI agent who infiltrates a Neo-Nazi organization in Imperium. Now, along with Zachary Quinto, he’s signed on for a movie about Anonymous and the Mexican cartel Los Zetas.

Deadline reports that We Do Not Forget is a fictionalized account of the very real battle waged by online “hacktivist” organization Anonymous against the drug cartel. The clash began when Anonymous uncovered around 25,000 e-mails from the Mexican government that apparently had information on the identities of Los Zetas members, and escalated when a member of Anonymous was kidnapped by the cartel and the hackers threatened to make the information public. The digital war split Anonymous in half, with some gung-ho for battle and others worried about the violence the cartel was known for. The movement, called #OpCartel, was abandoned, but there seems to be plenty here to make a pretty good thriller.

Screenwriter Zach Helm (Stranger Than Fiction, the upcoming Jumanji movie) will direct the project from his own script. No word yet on who Radcliffe and Quinto will be playing, but Deadline expects the film to start shooting sometime next year.

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