iPhone fans get ready, Dark Mode is coming to your iOS.

According to Thrillist.com, apple unveiled a Dark Mode for your phone within their new operations software, iOS 13.

Many apps have offered something similar for sometime, and now Apple is following suit. I've been using the dark theme on audible for as long as I can remember, because I often listen at night as I'm falling asleep.

This feature is expected to reduce eye strain and make it easier to read the native apps on your iphone like messages when you're in a low light area. When iOS 13 debuts next month, you'll be able to go right into your control settings and switch all of the native apps at once.

I see many benefits to this feature, and while I don't know if I'll leave it on all the time, I will probably allow the phone to turn it on as the sun sets, which it can do automatically to see how I like it.


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