Remember David Karofsky, the violent bully who tortured Kurt, then kissed him, then drove him away to Dalton Academy in Season 2 of ‘Glee,’ only to turn up in Season 3 at a seedy Ohio gay bar? Well, he’s back, and he’s got big news.

In ‘Heart,’ the Valentine’s Day episode, Kurt kept getting valentines from a “secret admirer,” who he was sure was Blaine. But when they are delivered by a guy in a gorilla suit, suspicions are raised. Then, when the gorilla delivers the final valentine, saying “I think I’m in love with you,” he removes his mask … and it’s Karofsky.

Kurt is thrilled at how comfortable Karofsky has become around him, but rejects his offer, telling him that they can’t be in love, that he’s confused. Karofsky is hurt, and as he’s leaving, he sees an old flame of his. This is about to get really complicated, you guys. Love triangle, anyone? How about a love square?

Blaine and Kurt are amazing together, but their relationship is far from perfect. Sebastian still threatens to woo Blaine, and now with Karofsky in the picture, another wedge is about to be driven between them. Fingers crossed everything turns out OK!

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