Remember how angry we all were a few months back doing the winter storm with ERCOT as many of us in Texas spent days in the freezing cold without power due to (what they claim) increased energy usage? Well, looks like that same scenario could be playing out again, only this time, its the "summer" edition.

In a press release ERCOT announced that a significant number of forced generation outages combined with potential record electric use for the month of June has lead to tight grid condition so they are asking Texans to conserve power this week until Friday June 18th.

Now before I move on with more facts from their press release, I would like to point out something we learned during the winter storm that in MY OPINION has lead to this....our electrical grid remains outdated and not ready. Let's be honest here, we're a few months removed from a winter storm that did heavy damage and we can be quite sure that some of that damage is still being worked on.

I really think ERCOT's "conservation call" is more of a "Hey, don't blame us, we warned yall" deal to shift the blame to the PEOPLE who naturally are going to BOOST their energy when its hot/cold but in reality, the GRID is still sub-par which is ERCOT's responsibility. Again folks, this is only MY OPINION.

Now, what should you do? ERCOT says you should set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher because every degree of cooling increases your energy use by six to eight percent. Also, Turn off lights and pool pumps and avoid using large appliances like ovens, washing machines and dryers. And finally, if you don’t need something turn it off and unplug it if possible.

So basically, sit in a dark cool place with your dirty clothes and don't move until Friday. Gotcha.

East Texas Snow Storm 2021


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