Compared to a lot of the biggest airports in the country, the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport in Texas is easy to use. Traveling is a passion of mine so anytime I get to visit DFW I get excited, even if it’s not for vacation. But just like all businesses there are some struggles at the DFW airport and the biggest issue is not even inside of the airport, the problem is outside. 

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For many passengers using the DFW airport this year the biggest frustration is not the lines at security, or even flights being delayed or cancelled, the biggest aggravation is due to vehicle theft in the parking lots at the airport. 

Increased Patrols Began in July 

According to NBCDFW, the DFW airport acknowledged the problem with vehicle theft in July and officials said they would be increasing patrols at the 28-square-mile property. These security patrols would happen 24/7 in hopes of eliminating or at least decreasing this issue that travelers were dealing with. To be clear, auto theft has been on the rise nationwide, this is not just isolated to the DFW airport. 

What is Being Targeted at the DFW Airport? 

While everyone needs to do their best to secure their vehicles it does seem like there are specific vehicles that are being targeted. The most targeted vehicles are high-performance cars and trucks. But it’s important for everyone to remove any valuables from inside their vehicle.  

The last thing you want after returning home from a flight is to find that your vehicle was stolen. Officials are saying that the problem is beginning to trend downward, but with the holidays approaching quickly you should expect that theft numbers could increase once again.  

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